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June 15, 2007
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Adventurers three by Hagge Adventurers three by Hagge
*whine*whine*snivel*snivel* Say it with me..."These never turn out the way I want/expect them too."
...thank you...:)

I tried to employ reflected light on the characters, as opposed to direct light...I don't like the hands, so I know they're not well done, but if I kept working on this, it'd have gone into the trash...

Oh by the way...this is for the 100 theme challenge...Cat(s).
Why should ALW have all the fun?
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deadboyspoem Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
Big muscly tiger is yummy xD Haha. Anyway, great piece :aww:
Hagge Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
:) Thanks....I like muscles, too...but not monster muscles :O
banjo-bear Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007
Gorgeous. I especially like the one with the hood up. The transition between animal and ';person' are great! The only thingt hat seams off is the head on the little one- It looks like the fur and everything stop abruptly, but it could be that he's fully clothed...

Lovely image! +Fav! I envy the realism of their eyes!

~~Banjo Bear~~
Hagge Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Professional General Artist
Oh thank you. :) This was a tough fun one.
Actually, too I need to learn to draw more medievel looking clothing. I guess I could have had more fur showing. I actually considered giving the smaller one long hair. Maybe I should have.
Thanks for faving it, too.
banjo-bear Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007
Not a problem- the work is marvelous!

~~Banjo Bear~~
Eloni Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007
The black cat's wand is a bit strange for me, maybe too thin, and the gems' light is not like it come from the gems :/ But, the other parts of the pic are beautiful - especially the tiger itself. Yeah, I'm a tiger-fan:D
:+fav: :)
Hagge Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Professional General Artist
Oh thanks for pointing that out, too. Someone else did as well, so I guess that's one I'm going to have to fix down the line here. I'm wondering if a lighter glow would have worked better...
Oh good, I'm glad you liked the tiger. :)
Rhynn Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Student Digital Artist
OMG ! I can tell you how I love this drawing ! They are just perfect. (i love khajiits and they actually look like khajiits ^^) their face are incredibly realistic.
The Tiger's body is really really well done, the cat's too. And yes the hands are nice !
Awsome background too..
I love the kind of "sketchiness" of it. Don't know if I can actually call it sketchy...But the tree seems really alive.

ww great work !
Hagge Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Professional General Artist
Eee thank you. This one was becoming frustrating right fast, but it worked out after all.
Thanks for faving it too. :)
Kid-Apocalypse Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007
I love the tiger! And the hands are better than you think. ;p

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